The Microbiome, Prevention, and Future Therapies of Allergy

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APAAACI Member Society organizes PSAAI Convention 2020 

Allergy & Immunology: Facing the Challenge of the New Normal

Dear Friends and colleagues,

PSAAI will organize their annual congress as a virtual meeting on October 14-16. As an APAAACI member society we encourage our membership to attend the congress. Please register on the link below.

Prof. Ruby Pawankar
President APAAACI

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World Immune Regulation Meeting XIV


MSA x APAAACI Joint Webinar Meeting

Link To Webinar:

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APAAACI Member Society PSAAI Celebrates National Allergy Day

Link To Celebration:

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PSAAI x APAAACI Joint Webinar

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ISAI x APAAACI Joint Webinar

20th MSAI Congress

Virtual Congress: Allergy & Immunology 2021

Link To Registration:

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Mongolia Society & APAAACI Joint Webinar

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