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The Junior APAAACI Allergy Leadership Forum & Café

JAAFCA is APAAACI's flagship program for Junior Members. Leadership development strategies is a high priority for APAAACI. Aligned with APAAACI’s mission to build a robust future for the specialty in the region, this program is a forum designed specially for APAAACI’s Junior Members.

As future leaders you will be part of a community empowered to lead, share their vision and experiences. This forum will also play a crucial role to inspire and motivate them to remain curious and to excel.

Addressing today’s unmet needs through discussion and dialogue, this forum can serve as a platform to engage in collaborative scientific research, leading to innovations, a better of understanding of the changing patterns of allergic diseases and improved patient care.

What you can look forward to:

  • Literature Reviews- Journal Club

  • Problem-based learning

  • Mentoring

  • Disease-specific Surveys

  • Lectures by Experts

  • Networking



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Become a Junior Member

APAAACI welcomes you to join our Junior Membership.


If you are 45 years and below, please proceed to sign up below.


For any inquiries, email us at


Start your journey with us today!

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