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APAAACI Activities EAACI 2020

1.) APAAACI-EAACI SS Symposium

Just recently, APAAACI concluded very successful activities at EAACI 2020 (June 6-8) and proudly presented the latest white paper on Climate change, Air pollution and its impact on respiratory allergies in Asia Pacific. APAAACI talks were welcomed by an overwhelming reception of attendees in several thousands. All our sessions were very well received with numerous questions and many positive comments.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank my co-speakers ProfJiu Yao Wang and Prof Amir Latiff in joining me with their outstanding contributions, as well as Prof Luo Zhang who gave an outstanding talk in a CRS symposium.

2.) APAAACI Virtual Booth

APAAACI was represented by a APAAACI virtual booth:


APAAACI President joined the Sunday morning EAACI 2020 run.

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