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APAAACI Presidential Message: July/August 2020

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Warm Greetings from APAAACI!

Over 6 months have passed as we struggle with the challenging situation of the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed our lives and the global scenario at multiple levels. On behalf of  APAAACI, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and solidarity to all healthcare workers fighting on the frontlines to save the lives of the many affected by this disease and to the scientists who are working tirelessly to expedite the development of a vaccine. We also appreciate all our colleagues in the member societies and associated societies for providing the essential care to patients with allergies and for dealing effectively with the formats of medical education during these trying times. The APAAACI team has also been working hard to innovate and provide excellence in education, data collection, collaborations and I am appreciative of their efforts in keeping our community together as one.

In world news, top US Infectious Disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, MD, Ph.D, who heads the National Institute of Allergy Immunology and Infectious Diseases (NIAIID) has updated us that an approved coronavirus vaccine could end up being effective only 50-60 percent of the time, meaning public health measures will still be needed to keep the pandemic under control. He further highlights that we should never abandon the public health approach. Read more (The latest updates on COVID-19 can also be seen on the CDC website here)

There is so much new and evolving information on COVID-19, please check out our COVID-19 resource centre for the latest updates here.

As we continue to grow a stronger community amidst this pandemic, we proudly present the latest of our COVID-19 EXCLUSIVE WEBINARS. We begin the series of outstanding lectures with our honorary guest, Prof. Stephen Holgate, MRC Clinical Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton, UK. In his lecture, he provides exclusive insights into the molecular and immunological mechanisms as well as treatments for COVID-19 with a focus on the latest research and overall trends. Watch Now

Following this, we concluded our first Expert Panel Webinar as part of a series,on ‘COVID-19 A Global Pandemic’. The panelists feature Prof. Jiu-Yao Wang, Prof. Marysia Recto, Prof. Bernard Thong and myself. The lectures covered various aspects on COVID-19 ranging from Immunology of COVID-19 Infection: The Hammer or the Dance?, COVID and Allergic Airway Diseases, Life-threatening ARDS or CRS (Cytokine Release Syndrome), Immunomodulation in Severe COVID-19. These talks were followed by a productive and informative panel discussion. Watch Now

We will continue to offer more Online educational modules as Web-based Lectures and live interactive Webinars for our membership. For more information, kindly visit APAAACI TV on our website at We welcome suggestions from our membership on subjects that can spark interest. We encourage you to kindly send in your suggestions to


APAAACI TV is your YouTube Channel where we provide lectures and hosts discussions on key issues that are important to our specialty. SUBSCRIBE NOW

1. EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR: Understanding Mechanisms Behind the Causes of COVID-19

Prof. Stephen Holgate, member of the expert team on COVID-19 in the UK, shares his views and learnings in an exclusive interview and presentation with Prof Ruby Pawankar for the APAAACI Community. Watch Presentation Now


Many aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic can be described as a "hammer and dance" - not just lock-downs followed by safe opening of economies with the inadvertent risk of new community clusters then tightening again. 

Credit: Thomas Pueyo

In this Webinar, Prof. Jiu-Yao Wang, Prof. Marysia Recto, Prof. Bernard Thong and Prof Ruby Pawankar present their lectures as listed below, followed by a lively, interactive panel discussion.

  • Immunology of COVID-19 Infection: The Hammer or the Dance? Ruby Pawankar, Japan

  • COVID-19 and Allergic airway diseasesJiu-Yao Wang, Taiwan

  • Life-threatening ARDS or CRS (Cytokine Release Syndrome)?Marysia Tiongo Recto, Philippines

  • Immunomodulation in Severe COVID-19 - do we wait for RCTs?Bernard Thong, Singapore

Watch Presentation Now

3. EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR: Chronic Rhinosinusitus: From Phenotypes to Endotypes

Witness a very interactive discussion between Prof. Claus Bachert (Ghent University Hospital, Belgium) and APAAACI’s Prof. Luo Zhang (Beijing Thong Ren Hospital) after their presentations on the cutting-edge updates on the Phenotypes and Endotypes of Chronic Rhinosinusitus highlighting the differences between Europe and Asia.  Joined by Prof Ruby Pawankar, they discuss approaches and methods that could lead the way forward. Watch Presentation Now

4. EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR: Anaphylaxis to Biologic Agents and Desentization

Prof. Mariana Castells, Director of the Drug Hypersensitivity and Desensitization Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, leads us through the latest developments followed by a live interactive discussion with Prof. Bernard Thong. Watch Presentation Now

5. EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR: Allergy Prevention in Early Life

Prof. Alessandro Fiocchi, Director of Allergy at the Paediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù, Rome, shares with us the latest findings and recommendations about Allergy Prevention in Early Life. This presentation is followed by a live interactive discussion between Prof. Alessandro Fiocchi and Prof. Ruby Pawankar. Watch Presentation Now


Once again APAAACI proudly announces its collaborations with member societies.

Mongolian Society of Allergy (MSA) Joint APAAACI Virtual Meeting 2020

APAAACI collaborated with MSA in the MSA Virtual Allergy Seminar 2020 that took place on 3rd July, 2020. The MSA-APAAACI Joint symposium was an outstanding scientific success. 

Held as a virtual meeting, it covered the COVID-19 Cytokine Storm and Management in the Context of Allergy and Asthma, and other topics relevant to the daily practice of allergy. 

To conclude, I would like to take this opportunity  to sincerely thank Professors Munkhbayalarakh, Nara and their team for their outstanding contributions to this event. Watch Now

Philippine Society of Asthma Allergy and Immunology - National Allergy Day 2020

APAAACI congratulated and joined the Philippine Society of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology (PSAAI) in celebrating the National Allergy Day on July 12, 2020 on the topic ‘Allergies sa panahon ng COVID-19’.

It was a very successful public event where speakers of PSAAI leadership highlighted the most important information on allergic diseases essential for creating greater awareness on allergies for patients and the general public. Watch Now


To date, APAAACI has conducted a total of 11 surveys led and developed by the Chairs and Members of our many Committees. I thank the APAAACI committee chairs and members for their hard work and our member societies for sharing their time and expertise in completing the surveys.

  1. Drug Allergy Diagnostic Procedures & Practices

  2. Asthma / Severe Asthma

  3. Food Allergy

  4. Pollen Allergy

  5. Use of Probiotics

  6. Diagnosis and Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis (AR) & Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CSR)

  7. Urticaria & Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria

  8. Covid-19

  9. Immunotherapy

  10. Immunodeficiency

  11. Occupational Allergy

Stay alert for the upcoming publications highlighting the results of the survey.

Upcoming events of our member societies

  1. JSA/WAO Joint Congress 2020 (September 17 - October 20, 2020) Link here

  2. APAAACI, ISAI, and JACIN Virtual Meeting (October 3, 2020). APAAACI, Indonesian Society of Allergy and Immunology and JACIN co-host Allergy Virtual Meeting on Allergy and Immunology Care to Improve Improve Quality of Life and Productive. Link Here

  3. Philippine Society of Allergy and Immunology Virtual Meeting (October 14-15, 2020). APAAACI collaborates with PSAAI. Link here

Obituary: Prof. Sohei Makino

Prof. Sohei Makino, Past President of APAAACI (1997-1998) and a leader in the field of allergy in Japan, Asia and worldwide passed away on August 4th, 2020, at the age of 89 years and is survived by his wife and a son and daughter. 

On behalf of APAAACI leadership, as we express our condolences to his family, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for your warm words about Prof. Makino and condolences extended to his  family.

We  stand together with all our member societies in grieving his passing away and we will do our very best to continue the legacy of Prof. Makino.

We thank Prof. Makino for his dedicated efforts towards APAAACI and the region, and pray that his soul rests in peace.

Ruby Pawankar, MD, Ph.D

President, APAAACI

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