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APAAACI Presidential Message: Mar/Apr 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

My heartiest greetings to all of you!

April is here and APAAACI has already conducted two successful MasterClasses. In case you have missed these engaging sessions please watch the recorded sessions via the links below.

We would also be delighted to engage with you on our LinkedIn platform

With the holistic efforts of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and members, International advisors, faculties and National Member Societies we are expanding the horizons of APAAACI and the specialty. We are extremely grateful for their continued support with which APAAACI will surge forward and serve its mission.

As we start the 2nd quarter of 2022, our expectation is to further expand and develop the educational arena of subspecialty areas: for example, chronic urticaria, atopic dermatitis, hereditary angioedema, allergic rhinitis, asthma, food allergy, anaphylaxis and so on. This will enable our colleagues and fellow members to keep pace with the latest practices and learnings.

We will have an exciting line up of activities for you to look forward to in the months ahead.

APAAACI MasterClass: Current updates on Chronic Urticaria and Atopic Dermatitis

As the first of the APAAACI MasterClass series 2022, we successfully organized a MasterClass on 14th March 2022 with the theme: Current updates on Chronic Urticaria and Atopic Dermatitis.

This forum was led by none other than our JAAFCA experts Dr. Duy Le Pham (Vietnam), Dr. Jason Fok (Australia) and Dr. Nguyen Hoang Kim Han (Vietnam) who delivered outstanding lectures. We are extremely delighted to share with you that we have received an overwhelming positive feedback and over 1350 attendees joined the event from 50 countries.

We are also proud to highlight that at this event, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Kim Han a 2nd year medical resident led one of the lectures as the youngest speaker of the masterclass. APAAACI continues to provide strong platforms for junior experts in the region to lead the specialty into the future. This initiative is a major step towards marking that journey.

APAAACI MasterClass: Current updates on Hereditary Angioedema

On 29th March 2022 we conducted the APAAACI MasterClass on the theme: Current updates on Hereditary Angioedema (HAE).

MasterClass was delivered by leading regional and international experts Dr. Philip Li (Hong Kong), Dr. Jason Fok (Australia), Prof. Bernard Thong (Singapore) and Prof. Stephen Betschel (Canada).

We received great appreciation on the outstanding talks and content, the lectures ranged from the most updated aspects of the clinical profile, diagnosis and management of HAE, the regional perspectives, the gaps, the challenges during the pandemic and the most latest global HAE guidelines. Webinar had over 500 delegates from 32 countries, from the region and beyond.

JAAFCA: Clinical pearls in the diagnosis and management of food allergy: Global and Asian perspectives

We are excited to announce our next JAAFCA, on 19th April 2022, with the theme: Clinical pearls in the diagnosis and management of food allergy: Global and Asian perspectives. This forum will be moderated by Dr. Lydia Wong (Singapore), comprised of lectures led by Prof. Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn (USA) on Diagnostic Strategies in Food Allergy - application of Component-resolved Diagnostics (CRD) in clinical practice, Dr. Tim Brettig (Australia) on The diagnostic approach to peanut and tree nut allergy, and Dr. Agnes Leung (Hong Kong) on Novel diagnostics for seafood allergy.

APAAACI Allergy Week 2022

In line with 'WHO's World Health Day' that was organized with the theme of ‘Our planet Our health’ and in line with APAAACI's mission of addressing the issue of climate change and air pollution, APAAACI will be organizing the APAAACI Allergy Week 2022 with the theme ‘Climate change a global challenge: impact on allergic diseases beyond the pandemic’ in the week from 16th to 22nd May 2022.

Following the successful APAAACI Allergy week 2021 on the theme COVID-19: Allergies and Vaccines, Understanding the Facts & Myths, APAAACI Allergy week 2022 will comprise of a series of events, with the main highlight being the Live Webinar to be held on 17th May from 19.00-21.00 hrs Singapore Time.

The webinar will comprise of speakers from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Parliamentarians and other international and regional experts.


APAAACI recently collaborated with Malaysian Society of Allergy & Immunology with very successful PSAAI SS & APAAACI Symposiums at the MSAI-APSID Congress 2022. The congress was attended by over 1300 delegates.

Congratulations and a big thank you to the MSAI leadership!

PSAAI SS Symposium in collaboration with APAAACI at MSAI-APSID Congress 2022

Theme: Current Updates on Severe Allergies.

APAAACI Symposium at MSAI-APSID Congress 2022

Theme: Frontiers of Allergy, asthma and immunology in the New Era.

APAAACI joins WHO for World Health Day 2022

This year’s motto is ‘Our planet our health’

PSAAAI celebrates their 50th Anniversary

Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology celebrated their 50th anniversary on 9th of April.

The journey that began on 9th of April 1972 has risen up to stand tall in the world of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. We wish you many more countless achievements and accomplishments.

APAAACI 2022 Congress PSAAI@50

APAAACI will organise its biennial congress APAAACI 2022 Congress PSAAI@50 in Manila 5-8 December 2022. The Congress will be jointly hosted by APAAACI and the Philippine Society of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (PSAAI). With a greater element of prestige, it will also be a golden jubilee celebration of the PSAAI. We look forward to updating you on the congress details in the coming months. See you in Manila!

Highlights of the Allergy World

Practical Guidance for the Diagnosis and Management of Secondary Hypogammaglobulinemia: A Work Group Report of the AAAAI Primary Immunodeficiency and Altered Immune Response Committees.


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Systemic Immunomodulatory Treatments for Atopic Dermatitis: Update of a Living Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis

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Secretoglobins in the big picture of immunoregulation in airway diseases

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Allergy 2022; 77(3): 767-777

Management of allergic diseases in pregnancy

Birgit Pfaller, Sarah Bendien, Agnès Ditisheim, Thomas Eiwegger

Allergy 2022; 77(3): 798-811

Our Web editors Prof. Bernard Thong and Prof. Amir HA Latiff have been working diligently in developing various web features as well as for the literature highlights. Their highlights in Allergy provide updates from recent publications intended to help you to keep up to date on evidence-based medical research.

Website Editor: Prof. Bernard Thong

Website Co-Editor: Prof. Amir HA Latiff

APAAACI Journal is the Asia Pacific Allergy Journal:

Professor Ruby Pawankar

APAAACI President

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