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APAAACI Presidential Message: May-June

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Together with my colleagues at the Asia Pacific Association of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology (APAAACI), I send you warm greetings!

At first I would like to thank the APAAACI Executive Committee and the Board of Directors for the collegial and fruitful meetings, and I look forward to developing the many initiatives we have set out to do. We will be working closely with all APAAACI member societies and individuals interested to be part of us towards the larger mission of our specialty to improve patient care and the patient’s quality of life, and we thank you in advance for your valuable contribution.

We also appreciate and thank our secretarial staff who work hard to organize our meetings and our initiatives with dedication and commitment.

It gives me pleasure to update you on our many activities in the last months. APAAACI has had several activities in the months of May and June. We have also started several initiatives specific to our region and developed many collaborations.


The APAAACI Board was happy to be at the EAACI 2019 congress in Lisbon which was a great success. APAAACI actively participated with a successful APAAACI Sister society symposium. APAAACI and EAACI leadership met in the International Councils meet. We also had a business meeting with EAACI leadership when we signed an MOU for future collaborations.

Member Society Highlights

We so proudly introduce the Korean Society of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology (KAAACI) and the Phillipine Society of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (PSAAI) as our Member Society Highlights of the month of May as active member societies of APAAACI. We are grateful to the leadership of both societies for their excellent contribution to APAAACI and the specialty of allergy.


KAAACI organized an excellent APAAACI symposium in 2018 and PSAAI organized an APAAACI Plenary lecture in 2019 and will host the 2022 APAAACI Congress. We look forward to continued collaboration with both societies and wish them continued success.


In the end of May, APAAACI participated in the very successful activity of the Philippine Society of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (PSAAI) Skin Allergy Symposium in Manila, Philippines. The scientific level was high and social aspects were well organized and we thank the leadership of PSAAI for the same. We also started working towards collaboration for the congress 2022.


In June, APAAACI participated in the 68th Japanese Society of Allergology (JSA) Annual congress with a JSA- APAAACI Symposium, in Tokyo. APAAACI leadership also worked together with JSA, WAO and APAPARI leadership to prepare for the JSA/WAC 2020 Congress Conjoint APAAACI .APAPARI Congress to be held in Kyoto Sept 2020.


APAAACI and Chinese Society of Allergy (CSA) leadership have been working tirelessly towards the APAAACI 2019. Joint CSA, Sept 5-7 , 2019 in Beijing ( ). This is a very special congress in that it marks the 30th anniversary of APAAACI since its establishment in 1989. This will also be the moment to recognize our predecessors and their contributions and we will launch the APAAACI History Book being edited by Frank Thien and Hee Bom Moon

APAAACI Committees and Initiatives

All committee chairs of APAAACI have been steering initiatives in the specific areas of their respective committees and focusing on the issues specific to the Asia Pacific region.

I would like to thank our committee chairs and members for their hard work. Especially I would like to appreciate Prof. Yoon Seek Chang for his Chief Editorship in steering the APA journal, Prof. Luo Zhang for his hard work for APAAACI 2019 and Professors Bernard Thong and Amir HA Latiff for their contribution as Web Editors.

World Health Organization includes Allergy in ICD-11

After years of hard work by a task force led by Profs. Luciana Tanno and Pascal Demoly the ICD-11 has included Allergy. The ICD -11 was finally approved by the WHA on May 27th to be implemented in 2022. APAAACI is proud to be one of the collaborating allergy academies that have worked together among other academies to support this important issue which is a milestone in the history of Allergy. Congrats and thanks to Pascal and Luciana.

Breaking News: Allergist Prof. Katie Allen (APAAACI Member) has been elected to the Australian Parliament

Well known Paediatric Gastroenterologist /Allergist, Prof Katie Allen a member of ASCIA and APAAACI has been elected to the Australian Parliament.

Many of you know Katie who was Professor of Paediatrics at The University of Melbourne, Allergist at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne and Director of Population Health at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Katie established the “Healthnuts” study which continues to track 5,300 children for the first 10 years of life to further understand why food allergy is on the rise and how to best prevent the allergy in the future.

After 28 years in medicine and medical research across various fields, Katie chose the opportunity to make a broader impact on population health, education and the next generation through the public domain.

Katie was successful in her bid to become the member for the federal seat of Higgins located in Melbourne’s inner eastern suburbs. She is the sixth member for Higgins, a seat that has produced two Prime Ministers for Australia and a Federal Treasurer. Higgins is a diverse electorate in inner Melbourne with a population that is highly educated and politically engaged.

Katie currently sits on a number of Parliamentary Committees as well as co-chairing the Parliamentary Friends of Child and Adolescent Health with Pediatrician Dry Michael Freelander MP, the Parliamentary Friends of UNICEF with Mr Peter Kahlil MP and the Parliamentary Friends of Hereditary Hemochromatosis which is a personal passion of Katie’s.

We are proud of Katie and wish her all the best for her endeavors ahead and hope she is successful in gaining a ministerial portfolio in the areas of her passion in the future.

Finally we invite to APAAACI 2019. Joint CSA, 5-7 September 2019 in Beijing. With outstanding scientific sessions including plenaries, keynotes, symposia, debates, oral and poster presentations and workshop on Molecular Allergology, Allergy Training School and Junior Member Forum led by Dr. Agnes Leung and Dr. Shaojie it will be a scientific and culturally wonderful experience.

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