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APAAACI Presidential Message: July-August

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Along with colleagues at the Asia Pacific Association of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology (APAAACI), I send you warm greetings!

Firstly, I would like to thank the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors for their valuable contribution to the organization. I also like to thank all the Chairs, Co-chairs and members of the many APAAACI committees for their enthusiasm and leadership in steering the many upcoming initiatives that are crucial for the Asia Pacific region.

In association with our many APAAACI member societies and individuals interested to be part of us we hope to work towards the larger mission of our specialty to improve patient care and the patient’s quality of life and we thank all in advance for their valuable contribution.

As we move towards precision medicine several new biologics are entering the space of allergic diseases and becoming available in our region.

Our Web Editors, Bernard Thong and Amir HA Latiff bring to you the Highlights of the world literature in Allergy and our journal Editor in Chief Yoon Seok Chang presents the July issue of the APA journal.

In a few days we will gather together for the APAAACI 2019, joint CSA and 30th Anniversary of APAAACI in Beijing for which Luo Zhang and his colleagues have worked very hard. At this congress APAAACI is collaborating with ACAAI, EAACI, APAPARI and WAO to bring to all excellent scientific sessions. With an outstanding scientific program and over 40 international speakers we look forward to seeing many of you there. View Agenda

Member Society Highlights

In this July/August issue, we so proudly introduce the Indonesian Society of Allergy And Immunology (ISAI), the Japanese Society of Allergology (JSA) and the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society of Singapore (ACIS) in our Member Society Highlights as active member societies of APAAACI. We are grateful to the leadership of the 3 societies and for their excellent contribution to APAAACI and the specialty of allergy.


ISAI hosted an excellent APAAACI Plenary session as well as APAAACI Allergy Training School which was well attended and very interactive. Prof. Karnen Baratawidjajan was one of the founding members of APAAACI and we are grateful for his contribution. We are proud to have Iris Rengganis from ISAI as our board member. We wish them continued success.


JSA has made considerable contribution to the development of the speciality of Allergy. JSA hosted APAAACI symposia at the 67th and 68th JSA Annual congress. The society has also supported the participation of young Japanese doctors to APAAACI congresses via travel grants. Several leaders of APAAACI have originated from JSA and we are grateful for their immense contribution. JSA will host the APAAACI 2020 congress with APAPARI as a Conjoint congress with JSA WAC 2020: We wish JSA continued success.


ACIS organized a very successful APAAACI APAPARI congress in 2010 with Hiok Hee Chng and Bee Wah Lee and their colleagues steering it locally. ACIS is very active in the science and clinical development of allergy. We are proud to have Bernard Thong from ACIS as our board member and Committee Chair and several ACIS members in our many committees. We wish them continued success.

Stay alert for our many activities!

Ruby Pawankar, MD, Ph.D

President, APAAACI

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