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APAAACI Presidential Message: July/August 2021

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Warm greetings from APAAACI. As we continue to build on our first fully virtual APAAACI 2021 International Conference, I express our gratitude to colleagues from all our national member societies and from around the world for submitting abstracts and for registering to the conference. I also express our gratitude to our outstanding international faculty and collaborating societies for their valuable contribution to the conference. We are also excited to bring to you some of our new initiatives: Science to Action and Junior APAAACI Allergy Leadership Forum and Café (JAAFCA).

APAAACI 2021 International Conference Updates (October 15-17)

We look forward to your active participation in the APAAACI 2021 International Conference. We are pleased to share further updates on our cutting-edge, state of the art scientific program brought to you by our international and regional faculty that covers all aspects of allergy, asthma and clinical immunology. View Our Full Program | Meet Our Faculty

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APAAACI EAACI Sister Symposium 2021

We are delighted to have participated at the EAACI 2021 Hybrid Conference. Chaired by Prof. Amir HA Latiff, this symposium was based on the theme, COVID-19 a global pandemic of the 21st century: The Asian and Western scenario.

This session included stimulating presentations from Prof. Ruby Pawankar, Prof. Rudolf Valenta and Prof. Jiu-Yao Wang. The highlights include:

  • COVID-19: Immune mechanisms, cytokine storm and allergies/ asthma (Prof. Ruby Pawankar)

  • COVID-19: From antibody responses In sera to convalescent plasma (Prof. Rudolf Valenta)

  • COVID-19 and virus-induced asthma in children: Asian vs western perspectives (Prof. Jiu-Yao Wang)

With widespread viewership, our joint symposium turned out to be of great success!



Science to Action is a flagship program of APAAACI where eminent scientists / clinician scientists who in their careers have been able to move scientific discoveries into actionable new processes. This can be the creation of new therapies, policies, advisories, or new research bases. The platform selects eminent scientists to talk about their vision and experiences of Integrating science into decision making and/or creating change.

Science to Action – Series 1

The Role of Translational Science in Changing People’s Lives by Nobel Laureate, Prof. Peter Doherty

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Peter Doherty is an immunologist and pathologist who received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1996 for the discovery of how the body’s immune system distinguishes virus-infected cells from normal cells. He taught at the University of Pennsylvania (1975–82), headed the department of experimental pathology at the John Curtin School of Medical Research in Canberra (1982–88), and served as chairman (1988–2001) of the department of immunology at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee. In 2002, he joined the faculty of medicine at the University of Melbourne, and from 2014, has been at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity.

In the APAAACI Series, Science to Action, we had the privilege of interviewing Nobel Laureate, Prof. Peter Doherty on the Role of Translational Science in Changing People’s Lives. In this brief interview he talks about his career, his life’s journey, and his role as a communicator of science to the public through his many books and talks.


The Power of Science Advocacy in Changing the Government’s Mind by Prof. Katie Allen

Prof. Katie Allen MP is an established clinician scientist who became a parliamentarian and Federal member for Higgins, elected in 2019. Prof. Katie served as a Paediatrician and Medical Researcher at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne for over 25 years. She was Director of the Population Health Research Theme at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and was a Professor at both the University of Melbourne and Manchester. She was honoured as an inaugural Fellow of the Australia Academy of Health and Medical Science in 2015.

As part of our Science to Action series, Prof. Katie Allen talks about the Power of Science Advocacy in Changing the Government’s Mind. She takes us through her journey and discusses how to apply science-based skills to public policy and to the benefit of the public.


Junior APAAACI Allergy Leadership Forum and Café (JAAFCA)

JAAFCA is APAAACI flagship program for Junior Members. Leadership development strategies is a high priority for APAAACI. Aligned with APAAACI’s mission to build a robust future for the organization and the specialty in the region, this program is an online forum designed specially for APAAACI’s Junior Members.


APAAACI Publication Releases

Glimpses of the Life Journey of Prof. Sohei Makino, MD, PhD

In memory of and in dedication to Prof. Sohei Makino, APAAACI’s official journal APAllergy features an Editorial written by Prof. Ruby Pawankar and Prof. You-Young Kim. Read Now

PSAAI National Allergy Day

The PSAAI National Allergy Day is targeted towards enhancing the awareness of the public on Allergic diseases. Prof. Rommel Lobo, President PSAAI, appreciated APAAACI’s support and highlighted the theme of the 2021 PSAAI National Allergy Day: DIARY ng ALLERGIC habang Pandemic, meaning Diary of an allergic sufferer during the pandemic. The PSAAI National Allergy Day, held virtually, attracted over 4,000 viewers and was an outstanding success.


APAAACI Collaboration with Workshop on Eosinophils in Allergy and Related Diseases

APAAACI once again collaborated to publish the proceedings of the 2020 workshop in the July issue of AP Allergy. Read More

COVID-19 Updates

Our COVID-19 task force continues to update the latest recommendations and information and provide guidance to HCPs and the public and will be conducting additional initiatives, surveys and registries. View our Covid-19 Resource Centre now!

For more information, check out the:

APAAACI 2022 Congress Joint PSAAI@50

APAAACI is working closely with PSAAI to prepare for the APAAACI 2022 Congress PSAAI@50 in Manila, Philippines, 1-4 October, 2022. Lookout for an outstanding scientific program coming soon! More details here


Our committee leaders and members are currently developing consensus documents/state of the art review papers and implementation of other initiatives. We are also working on a second survey on COVID-19 and other initiatives. Stay tuned on more updates!

APAAACI Community: Volunteering Opportunities

APAAACI continues to avidly seek for volunteers to help grow and support the organization. We have opportunities to volunteer in:

  1. Committee & New Member Activities

  2. Junior Members

  3. Conferences

  4. Webinars & Online Modules

  5. Content & Community Development

  6. Registries

For those interested, kindly email us at We look forward to your help and support in building our community!

Finally, I would like to thank our Board of Directors, the committee chairs and members for their hard work and dedication yet again.

Stay tuned for updates and look forward to your virtual participation at the APAAACI 2021 International Conference.

Professor Ruby Pawankar

APAAACI President

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