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APAAACI Presidential Message: May/June 2021

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Since the completion of our successful APAAACI Allergy Week 2021 campaign, we have been working hard to build exciting new initiatives and create more enriching content on APAAACI TV. Our COVID-19 Task force continues to update resources and provide guidance to HCPs and the public. We are delighted to announce our new publication, in ALLERGY on Asia-Pacific perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic. We express our sincere gratitude to all our co-authors, contributors and our national member societies for their efforts in making this happen (Watch the presentation here). We are also honoured that following our International Women’s Day (IWD) Webinar, the panellists were invited to contribute an Editorial on Women in Science and Medicine, in ALLERGY.

APAAACI 2021 International Conference To Go Fully Virtual

On behalf of the APAAACI Board of Directors and along with my Co-Chair, Prof. Jiu Yao Wang, I warmly welcome you to the fully virtual APAAACI 2021 International Conference from 15-17 October, 2021. With a wonderful mix of outstanding international and regional faculty, and topic-specific sessions, both as live and on-demand sessions, the conference will provide an excellent combination of the latest advances in clinical, research and problem-based learning in allergy, asthma and clinical immunology. This not to be missed educational experience will be brought to you in real time but will also be available for your viewing post event at your convenience, for a limited period.

As a key element of this virtual event, APAAACI is happy to announce an EDUCATIONAL GRANT PROGRAM available for qualified researchers, abstract submitters and clinicians to apply for. Stay tuned for more information shortly.

We sincerely invite you to submit your abstracts. The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to July 15th. We believe this will also give you the opportunity to receive the Educational Grant, and present your abstracts as either e-posters or oral presentations.

We encourage you to make your best submission at the earliest! Submit Now

Science At The Edge, Featuring Prof. Cezmi Akdis

We would like to bring to your attention APAAACI's latest initiative, Science at the Edge: Walk the Talk, hosted at our very own APAAACI TV.

In our first edition, Prof. Cezmi Akdis talks about his most recent publication on ‘Epithelial Barrier Hypothesis’ in Nature Reviews Immunology and his many discoveries in that space (interviewed by Prof Ruby Pawankar).

Watch this enriching and stimulating talk! Watch Now

APAAACI Publication Releases

Asia-Pacific perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has affected over ten millions of people globally since the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic on 11 March 2020. The Asia-Pacific is a diverse geographical region with different health care systems and levels of access to specialist services. This survey was commissioned by the Asia Pacific Association of Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology (APAAACI) Task Force on COVID-19 with the premise to understand the epidemiology, clinical profile (including severity and risk factors), therapeutics/access to clinical trials, impact on clinical immunology and allergy services/therapeutics, occupational health and mental well-being (supporting information S1, S2) of healthcare providers in the region. Watch Now | Read More

Women in Science and Medicine

Science and medicine know no barriers, no country, no language. They are universal tools for the benefit of humankind meant to be accessible to everyone, both men and women. As women physician scientists, we all have had our own journeys wanting to be part of science and medicine. Read More

APAAACI Celebrates World Allergy Week 2021

APAAACI celebrated World Allergy Week 2021 over various activities with its national member societies including participation on the Live Webinar. We are privileged to be a part of this integral week that addresses the importance and impact of severe allergies around the world especially anaphylaxis.

At the Mongolian Society of Allergology (MSA) Annual Congress: APAAACI Lecture for – World Allergy Week

Along with President MSA Prof. Sonomjamts Munkhbayarlakh and members of the MSA, APAAACI celebrated World Allergy Week 2021.

APAAACI President and Past President WAO lectures at the Pakistan Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society (PAAIS) – Pre-World Allergy Week Symposium

Along with President PAAIS Prof. Shahid Abbas and local delegates, APAAACI celebrated World Allergy Week 2021.

COVID-19 Updates

We continue to provide updates and expand the structure of our COVID-19 Resource Centre, the hub that hosts the latest news, publications, recommendations, and acknowledges the APAAACI COVID-19 task force who are working hard to keep our community informed on crucial first-hand news. View our Covid-19 Resource Centre now!

For more information, check out the:

· Latest COVID-19 News

· COVID-19 Publications

· COVID-19 Recommendations

· APAAACI COVID-19 Task Force

APAAACI soon to launch APAAACI MENA Allergy Webinar Series

With a significant growth over the past few years in the Asia Pacific region, APAAACI now embarks on another journey of sharing knowledge and educational activities in the MENA region. This journey will commence with a webinar series in 2021 with a vision to add more activities in the future. This milestone comes as part of the vision of APAAACI in offering motivational and inspirational learnings from global leaders to address the burden of allergic diseases. APAAACI MENA - Allergy Series 2021 is targeted for MENA Region Health Care Professionals to Update them on the Best Clinical Practices, the Cutting-Edge Science and Clinical innovations in Asthma, Allergy & Clinical Immunology. The webinar series which will cover several topics in the coming months kicks off with the first webinar on 2nd July focusing on the theme of Update of CRS and Airways Disease and the Environment. For further information, please visit

APAAACI 2022 Congress Joint PSAAI@50

Following ahead we are also preparing for the APAAACI 2022 Congress Joint PSAAI@50 in Manila, Philippines, 1-4 October, 2022. This Congress will be jointly hosted by APAAACI and the Philippine Society of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (PSAAI). This will also be a golden jubilee celebration of the PSAAI. Together with PSAAI we will work towards an outstanding scientific program and a cultural treat. We look forward to seeing you all there next year. More details here


Most of the APAAACI Committees are towards the end of finalising their research, and developing papers based on their observational findings. We look forward to seeing our committee leaders and members develop consensus documents/state of the art review papers and implement other initiatives. Stay tuned on more updates to come!

APAAACI Community: Volunteering Opportunities

APAAACI continue to avidly seek for volunteers to help grow and support the organization. We have opportunities to volunteer in:

1. Committee & New Member Activities

2. Junior Member

3. Conferences

4. Webinars & Online Modules

5. Content & Community Development

For those interested, kindly email us at We look forward to your help and support in building our community!

Finally, I would like to thank our Board of Directors, the committee chairs and members, and all our national member societies for their valuable contribution to APAAACI and the specialty in the region.

Stay tuned for our exciting upcoming initiatives. Join us at the APAAACI 2021 Conference.

Professor Ruby Pawankar

APAAACI President

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